Shrinking World

After reflecting on the 24 hours, I would say that I used technology an average amount for a weekday. Weekdays are much different because I have classes and do more homework, limiting my time around forms of technology.

A large contributing factor to my use of technology, is that a majority friends and family are mostly in Southwestern Ontario. I keep in contact with all my friends and brothers through text messaging or e-mails. In fact, thanks to e-mail, my group of friends is stronger. I have been out of high school for ten years now, but because of e-mail and text, I still talk to them on a monthly basis. As for my grandmother and parents, the rest of my family and friends, I could never imagine something in the way of technology being more important than a relationship with them.

I know I certainly use Facebook less than most people. I do have it, but I consider it more of a glorified phone book. It is a useful way to keep in contact with people, but other than that, I rarely use it. When it comes to text messaging I think I use it a little bit less and I think this is just due to the amount of people I am close enough to text. I have about 10 people I text but even then, it’s maybe every few weeks before I do it. As for watching things online, because of our terrible internet condition at our house, I cannot watch much online. Instead, I just watch whatever I can find on TV.

I have lost internet connection and cell phone before, and it did not really affect my life that much. With the internet, I know I just books more. I spend most of my time reading articles online, so instead of doing that, I just read another book in between commercial breaks while watching TV. The only annoying thing was that I lost the immediacy to look up information. As for my phone, the only problem I found was that if I thought of something funny, I couldn’t text someone to share it with. Otherwise, my life would not change in any drastic way and even like the aspect of being out of contact for periods of time.

In terms of the article, it actually kind of annoyed me. It was an essay about if online communities belong to the community of communities. I think this is an idea where academia tries to make things more complicated than they should be. It reminds me of trying to classify music into genres, because when it comes down to, what does it matter as long as you like it?

Online groups can be very important to a lot of people. As mentioned in the article, online groups are a great outlet for certain people who share very specific tastes or alternative lifestyles. I firmly believe that a community is decided by people within the group, not someone judging from the outside. Isn’t the important part that people feel a sense of belonging, does it really matter what someone else says?

The strongest argument in the debate about evolving changes in technology is the idea of Globalization. One of the best aspects of e-mails and text messaging is that I am in constant contact with my friends around world. Because of all the technologies that apparently force people into their basement, actually bring everyone closer to me.

I believe the people he mention that feel they can just hide away from the world is true. However, I think these people would probably stay in their basements with or without technology. Some people simply prefer solitude. However, new technologies give more chances to these people to possibly make a connection with someone else on some level. Not everyone wants close relationship and so say that is the end all and be all of life; yes, a majority of us enjoy it and employ technology to broaden and embrace our social circle, but it is not necessarily for everyone.

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